Your Choice for Remodeling in Redmond, WA

Home to Microsoft, Redmond is one of the nicest communities in the Puget Sound area, boasting many fine homes. RW Anderson Construction takes pride in making a beautiful home even more beautiful, uniting a passion for unique ideas with an high standard of craftsmanship. Whether the project is a large-scale renovation of a single room or the entire house — or simply a minor alteration — we are happy to go above and beyond your expectations.

Since we love projects of all sizes, we have extensive experience working with all aspects of a home. Our past projects include customizing kitchens for the specific needs of our clients; renovating large rooms such as formal dining rooms and living rooms, or small rooms such as nooks and bathrooms; remodeling and decorating rooms for children; installing skylights and windows; adding decorative elements like woodwork or tile detailing; building porches and decks; putting in new lights and fixtures, and remodeling or installing fireplaces and built-in features such as cabinets. These are just a few basic examples of the projects we have successfully completed for our Redmond customers.

We have established a reputation as an exceptional home remodeling contractor throughout the Puget Sound area. Bringing expert craftsmanship, problem-solving skills, creative ability and valuable experience to every project, we consistently help homeowners bring their homes more in line with their dreams.

If you are interested in remodeling your Redmond home, consider calling us for a consultation at 206-383-8084 or get in touch with us on our contact page. We would be happy to hear your ideas for your house and then schedule a personal visit so we can see your home and discuss the project face-to-face.

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